Friday, February 3, 2017

Day 2, Love - #FebruaryBlogChallenge2017

Welcome lovelies, to Day 2 of the February Blog Challenge of 2017!
Today's theme will be LOVE, as the title so nicely gives away haha, but that won't matter because I think it's a great theme to talk about, especially in the month of Valentine's too. 

For me love have been a very huge rollercoaster-kind-of emotion, but it's not until after turning 20 that I fully realized what it actually means, well at least to myself. 
My husband Jordan have done wonders for me about how I see the world and especially on how I (should) see myself.
Especially after some REALLY messed up relationships I've had in the past that I won't bring up here - but it does involve being catfished!!

He helps me in so many ways and I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime

Yes we have those cultural differences and obviously we fight as a normal married couple do. But I still say that we understand and complement each other just like a puzzle does. 

This year I will miss out on the whole festivities on Valentine's Day, since I will be recovering from surgery sadly.
But once I am fully back to health I wish to do something for the both of us that means something, and can be remembered.
(not like being alone on Valentine's due to 5 surgical holes screams "I love you" exactly haha!)

I think the reason why we've been able to look past our differences, no matter the reasons, is because we are really two giant kids in adult form. We are able to make each other laugh and be silly even if we come out looking like huge idiots.
And I think it's important to have a laugh every once in awhile, because without laughter life becomes so dull.
We forget how it used to be a child and how much fun we had, and it's easy to become depressed and sad as an adult because many (and even myself) gets too scared of coming out looking like a silly goof to others.

I would love to take my husband out sledding like two big children. Or jump on a trampoline. Push the other in a pile of snow or chase each other around for a game of tag. 

I could never see myself "grow up" and become boring and lose part of the fun life we all used to have.
Just because you grow up doesn't mean you have to become boring too!


  1. Så himla fint skrivet och jättebra inlägg! <3 Kramis

  2. I hope, you will recover your surgery and after all the best you have, good luck and best regards from Antalya.


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