Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Shopping in Tears

Good evening everyone
Hope your day have been alright, here in Sweden we've celebrated our National day so Happy Birthday Sweden!
I wanted to share a little story that happened last Saturday that ended with tears while shopping. 

If you're unfamiliar with my journey, I've recently lost -32 kg (-70 lbs) thanks to a Gastric Bypass surgery last February 13th, 2017. 
Naturally you will have to update your closet after some time, which I've gradually have had to do, but the majority of my clothes are extremely loose and big on my body now. 
But since clothes are expensive and rent and food is a priority - clothes will have to wait for absolute emergencies. 

I woke up Saturday and had myself some nice breakfast to celebrate my 25th birthday which was last Friday on June 2nd.
A cheese sandwich (with Swedish knäckebröd), and some nice watermelon.

Belated birthday breakfast

I took the bus and met up with my husband that worked in Umeå that weekend. He's gotten a second job at a fancier restaurant as a substitute and I couldn't be more proud of him!
We ate lunch at Espresso House and then decided to hit the shops in the mall because I needed some shorts and tanktops for my new body.
We went first to KappAhl, cus I've always liked their selection of styles: classic, traditional, lace, modern and "mature" looks.
I managed to find myself some clothes to try on - mind that in the near 4 months I've had no clue as to what my body carry for sizes!

I politely asked the cashier for help, and told her my situation of being new with this particular body shape I own, and she helped me pick out a few shorts to try on (KappAhl have a great plus size collection for the classic and mature look)

And I did found out that I can easily slip myself into an EU size 46 in dresses and pants/shorts, and certain shirts and tanktops are either Large or a 44/46 for me.
Which means I've gone from an EU size 54 to 46 now!

These shorts from KappAhl
came back home with me

Loved this summery shirt

Dress in EU size 46

But the real story begins when I decide to hit the shop Gina Tricot.
"Oh boy", I thought to myself as I entered my previous favorite shop from teenage years. 
I went around and looked for clothes, but found it hard to see their availability since there was a ton of other shoppers and their store is quite small in size.
So as I saw a stressed retailer I politely asked for help, and told her as well about my wardrobe problems and guesstimate of a body size.
The blonde retailer was completely SHOCKED about my weight journey, and immediately started asking questions about how I felt now almost 3,5 months after, and what kind of clothes I was looking for.
She quickly paced through different racks of clothes and handed me the items she hoped would help me out - shorts, breezy pants and leggings. 

Then it was time to try it all on! 
I had such despair knowing they were a size XL and 44's, how could it possibly fit me?!
After needing to buy clothes in 4XL or size 54 for years it's extremely hard to see anything so small fit my body. 

But to a huge relief the leggings in XL fit perfectly, and I was glancing at the shorts over and over but as I took a deep breath and pulled them up I started getting surprised how I managed to get them over my curvy hips. And all of a sudden - I managed to zip them up!!

Shorts in EU size 44!
I started crying and my husband consoled me as best he could.
Never have I worn shorts or pants in size 44 in about eleven years time! And it felt amazing and so overwhelming. 

When I came out and composed myself enough I walked over to the helpful retailer, who greeted me with a smile asking how everything went.
Once again I tried keeping my tears in control and explained to her that shopping always meant awkward stares from retailers as well as disgusted customers, and never finding clothes in my liking or size. 

Now I had been able to shop and fitted into everything I had taken with me, which is beyond amazing to me and I told her it's gonna be great when I can perhaps come back later this summer and hopefully the 44's aren't too tight on me.

She was very happy it turned out so well and I thanked her dearly for her amazing service as she rung my purchase up in the register, and I think this experience made both our Saturday's great

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