Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Diploma came!

My Diploma came!
I am now an educated Barnskötare and Elevassistent :)

My average scores were B's and C's, which here in Sweden is actually pretty darn good. 
Never did I expect to graduate (again) with better grades than back in my teens and I actually feel happier with my re-schooling this time than back when I graduated at 19 years of age in Business Economics. 
Kindergarten and Elementary School is where I wanna be. 

I am so happy that I finished my studies

I studied the program called Barnskötarprogrammet via Hermods online classes. And in the classes that were provided, I could become both the title Barnskötare and as well as Elevassistent.
It pretty much allows me to both work in Kindergarten as well as in Elementary School. 

Even though I'm an artist, it isn't well paid and I only sell perhaps every once now and then. I wish that I could be more independent and work from home, but the world doesn't look like that so, therefore, I need a real job to finance my living that provides food, pay my bills, pay off loans, etc...
My living depends on my blog/my YouTube channel, online surveys, my arts and crafts and also working in childcare is keeping me afloat. 

I didn't expect to graduate because I was really afraid I was going to drop out and be upset with myself. But now I  have my diploma in my hand and waiting for next week to get back to work, educated and all.
Which I'm also going to talk to my managers about, and hope that I will have more pay because of my newly found education in my pocket. 


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  2. Sv: Ah okej! Tycker du ska satsa på att göra det då sen när du får börja träna!! :) heja dig!! Kram


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