Friday, March 3, 2017

31 Days of Me! - day 2

This Month's Goals

This month I wanna squeeze the absolute most out of. And I am trying to make a plan on how still. But I do in fact have a guesstimate on how I would like to make this into a plan of action. 

First off I can finally announce that I have finished school now and I've been passing all of my classes!
Some were harder but the majority were just common sense to me since I've been working in pre-kindergarten/kindergarten and Elementary school for so long on and off (since 2011), and I knew most of the things that I had to make essays about. 

But yes I will admit that it was super hard in the start where I had NO idea how things worked and trying to get my brain into the game of studying after nearly 6 years since last time I graduated.
However, I am so glad and proud of my own self that I managed to finish school and get decent grades :)

Other news are that my wounds are healing up well now after (soon) 3 weeks post-surgery. I am feeling more than okej and last night I even managed to take my bandaged off my stomach, the only negative from that is that I seem to have developed an allergy to the tejp and have irritated swollen skin.
But I rather take that and well healed surgery wounds, which now have turned into early scars with slight scabbing. 

My To Do-list of this month would be this:

I have to clean out my bedroom and start packing things into boxes because we might move sometime later this spring or this summer. Time will tell, but for now we have too many items laying around that aren't being used.

Now when my wounds are healed up and I'm good to live my life as before, I have wanted to do some working out and take back my life from severe depression and personal neglect. 
I love swimming but I haven't figured out yet how to get myself to a swimming pool since my village only have an outdoor pool accessible for summer use, and I would have to go the next town over for swimming.
My goal is to at least work out once or twice a week from now on, to focus on myself and my body's wellbeing.

Both my husband and I have had very little time for ourselves lately, mainly due to chores and heavily amounts of school work.
But now when I am free from homeworks and essays I can be more flexible to his schedules instead. Which means that we have to plan something fun now to celebrate my school victory and get back in touch with each other, than just give each other a hug and kiss before bed every night. 

I've missed making art but time have been cramped and other things have had to be prioritized. Therefore I want to dedicate more free time as possible now after school's over to make and create more wonderful things as I used to back in 2013!
It's a must and perfect since I recently was asked to do a commission by a family member of mine, so now I am sort of forced to anyways.

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