Wednesday, March 1, 2017

31 Days of Me! - day 1

So since the February blog challenge failed miserably due to me being in the hospital and trying to recover these past few weeks since the 13th, I will try this challenge I found on Pinterest instead!
It is called "31 Days of Me" and I figured I would keep going because I liked blogging every day and doing a challenge that suited me.
So I think we should just get into it instead!

The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

The meaning behind my nickname Inaa [Een-Ah]  comes from when my brother Markus and I were pretty young. I would say that I was around 4 or 5 and he probably around 1.5 to 2 years old and he couldn't say Lina [Lee-nAh] and so it just came out as Inaa instead, and it just stuck to me my entire life within my family.
Growing up in school, however, I lived with horrible taunting names from my bullies, but Inaa was the only name that stuck in my adult life, and one that was comfortable to me.
To this day I would say that I am so comfortable that I could even consider to legally change my name to it.
And when I am out in public or meet new people I also introduce myself as Inaa.
It's only when I work or have to stay professional that I call myself Lina really. But normally I just tell everyone to call me Inaa. 

And the meaning behind Lady - is from when my family did some research about my father's family history and found out that we have some noble blood descendant from Norway in the 17th century!
Which therefore would make me Lady Lina, but I just say Lady Inaa instead. 
Not just because I find it super cool, I also wish we could have more respect and a bit more nobility in our modern society. 

Many times I think about how the world probably would be good if we could have some resemblance to our history books and how they lived their lives.
Some could debate that it was a simpler life than today, and others how much harder things actually were. I, however, see that it's from the both sides, but that doesn't change my mind.

Throw me back in history any day, please!

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