Saturday, March 18, 2017

Celebrating -20 kg weight loss!

Lately, I've had the utter please in standing on the scale every or every other morning and see kilo by kilo drop off my body.
And this past week something amazing happened!

I've lost over -20 kg (-44 lbs) and I am now down to 99.9 kg (220.24 lbs)! To me, this is a huge breakthrough, and I couldn't be happier right now.
And I do want to take this moment to really thank everybody who still gets me going and pushing me on to my goals.
You are truly diamonds worth

So in order to celebrate getting down to 100 kg (220.46 lbs) I decided to drop by my local secondhand shop and spoil myself just a bit. 
And luckily I was able to find some few good deals. But this time I wanted to show the two new pieces of garments that I got for myself. 

New shirt

The details (click image to zoom)

This dress was a Medium!
It was a bit tight, but not long now and it will fit
Dress details (click image to zoom)
The app is called "Monitor Your Weight"

Thursday, March 16, 2017

10 Things America Have That Sweden Needs

This is my own personal interpretation of what I have seen and/or experienced, which I think Sweden needs to "adopt" as their own.
And now I'm not only talking about the imported stuff from online web stores but that Sweden as a country import straight into their grocery stores nationwide.

1. Ranch Dressing

It's similar to Swedish garlic salad dressing, only a little less garlic taste. Americans love putting Ranch on nearly every meal and are often served equivalent to mayonnaise or ketchup at restaurants as a condiment.

2. PopTarts

Even though I've seen plenty of Swedish/American online shops with this as an item, I still strongly believe every Swedish grocery store and local food market needs PopTarts in their stock on the shelves.

3. "Bigger Clothes" In Stores

Even though I think Sweden is pretty good at distributing clothes for us "bigger people" - they could do a tad better. Especially when it comes to children and teenage fashion for those "heavier" sizes.
I still remember a comment of a former classmate in Middle School gave me:
"I like your shirt, my mom has the same one..."
I say - please consider bigger sizes than an L or XL as your biggest alternative. My fat ass won't fit that size of European 46-48 you're carrying.

4. Rootbeer & Cream Soda

Personally I haven't required a taste for either Rootbeer or CreamSoda, however, my husband always seems to complain that Scandinavia needs to distribute this in their stores.

5. Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar

This is, if not the only, my absolutely favorite restaurant and sports bar in the United States.
The perfectly grilled BBQ, the different drinks, and excellent service - you can't get any better than this!

6. Cornbread

There's nothing better than a delicious cornbread muffin to your meal

7. The "Pay-it-forward" Method

In many cities, you can find yourself seeing homeless people asking the waiters and waitresses if there's a "pre-paid meal or coffee", which means that somebody before paid all expenses for the meal. Often to homeless people and others who have a rough time managing their survival. 

These people do it out of sheer kindness. And Europe, in general, should adopt this everywhere. 

8. Ordering online & Homedelivery

Some cities in Sweden have already adopted this method. You order yourself a pizza (in the States you can even order online) and then wait for them to bring it to your door. 

Obviously there's a fee that comes with ordering from home, but it's worth it. Especially if you're hungry and have no intention to get out the door, get over to your restaurant in mind, pick it up, and walk/drive all the way back home, and then it could be cold food too.

9. Volunteer (Charity) Work

Many people do charity work either through their school, their church or the goodness from their souls. 

Most people I've met in Sweden don't do much volunteer work unless they have to, and even then they might end up complaining about it or make excuses to why they can't or won't. 
If you look beyond yourself and your needs - you can do something for somebody else without being paid for it, it's called human decency and love.
I try to do some of my own when I can, help out in public if I see there's a need for it or at least ask if I can be of help.
Otherwise, I pick up trash from the ground sometimes and throw it where it was meant to be all along, in the trash.

10. Hospitality & Kindness

You don't see many Swedes today offer financial help, or pay for somebody's groceries, help them with a task for free, let them sleep over for a few nights, or even let people borrow things to help them in their days.
I'm not saying there aren't people in Sweden that do this, I'm just saying it's slightly more uncommon than compared to America.
Certain people I've met in the States are almost jumping out of their seats to help their fellow family member/friend/neighbor/coworker/stranger when they're in need.
And we should follow suit and be a little bit kinder to one and another, instead people find it easier to hide and hope things pan out for the best. Because they fear something bad will happen to them so they rather leave things be. It's simpler for them. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Diploma came!

My Diploma came!
I am now an educated Barnskötare and Elevassistent :)

My average scores were B's and C's, which here in Sweden is actually pretty darn good. 
Never did I expect to graduate (again) with better grades than back in my teens and I actually feel happier with my re-schooling this time than back when I graduated at 19 years of age in Business Economics. 
Kindergarten and Elementary School is where I wanna be. 

I am so happy that I finished my studies

I studied the program called Barnskötarprogrammet via Hermods online classes. And in the classes that were provided, I could become both the title Barnskötare and as well as Elevassistent.
It pretty much allows me to both work in Kindergarten as well as in Elementary School. 

Even though I'm an artist, it isn't well paid and I only sell perhaps every once now and then. I wish that I could be more independent and work from home, but the world doesn't look like that so, therefore, I need a real job to finance my living that provides food, pay my bills, pay off loans, etc...
My living depends on my blog/my YouTube channel, online surveys, my arts and crafts and also working in childcare is keeping me afloat. 

I didn't expect to graduate because I was really afraid I was going to drop out and be upset with myself. But now I  have my diploma in my hand and waiting for next week to get back to work, educated and all.
Which I'm also going to talk to my managers about, and hope that I will have more pay because of my newly found education in my pocket. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

31 Days of Me! - day 3

Winter Sunday

This week my county have something called "Sportlov", which basically translates to Sport's break. It means that students in Elementary school, High School and some Colleges have time off and dedicate their spare time to physical activities such as various sports; indoors or outdoors.
Or just enjoy time off with their friends and families. 

I however took a mini-celebratory BBQ with my father and my husband Jordan, to celebrate the nice weather we had (sunshine, blue skies and -5 degrees Celsius), for Jordan passing his C-course in SFI (Swedish For Immigrants) and can move on to D-course, and for me who graduated last Friday from my online studies. 

How do you spend your Sundays? And what was your weekend like?

Our lovely fire pit we had going

Got a shot of my lovely hubs for one together

The sun and the surroundings were really nice

Jordan trying to start the pit and correct the logs

Lunch was mini-sausages (prinskorv) and baguettes with tea or saft (juice)

Made some tea over the open fire. Yum

Cooking some pears and chocolate for desert in an old metal can

Perfect Sunday

Friday, March 3, 2017

31 Days of Me! - day 2

This Month's Goals

This month I wanna squeeze the absolute most out of. And I am trying to make a plan on how still. But I do in fact have a guesstimate on how I would like to make this into a plan of action. 

First off I can finally announce that I have finished school now and I've been passing all of my classes!
Some were harder but the majority were just common sense to me since I've been working in pre-kindergarten/kindergarten and Elementary school for so long on and off (since 2011), and I knew most of the things that I had to make essays about. 

But yes I will admit that it was super hard in the start where I had NO idea how things worked and trying to get my brain into the game of studying after nearly 6 years since last time I graduated.
However, I am so glad and proud of my own self that I managed to finish school and get decent grades :)

Other news are that my wounds are healing up well now after (soon) 3 weeks post-surgery. I am feeling more than okej and last night I even managed to take my bandaged off my stomach, the only negative from that is that I seem to have developed an allergy to the tejp and have irritated swollen skin.
But I rather take that and well healed surgery wounds, which now have turned into early scars with slight scabbing. 

My To Do-list of this month would be this:

I have to clean out my bedroom and start packing things into boxes because we might move sometime later this spring or this summer. Time will tell, but for now we have too many items laying around that aren't being used.

Now when my wounds are healed up and I'm good to live my life as before, I have wanted to do some working out and take back my life from severe depression and personal neglect. 
I love swimming but I haven't figured out yet how to get myself to a swimming pool since my village only have an outdoor pool accessible for summer use, and I would have to go the next town over for swimming.
My goal is to at least work out once or twice a week from now on, to focus on myself and my body's wellbeing.

Both my husband and I have had very little time for ourselves lately, mainly due to chores and heavily amounts of school work.
But now when I am free from homeworks and essays I can be more flexible to his schedules instead. Which means that we have to plan something fun now to celebrate my school victory and get back in touch with each other, than just give each other a hug and kiss before bed every night. 

I've missed making art but time have been cramped and other things have had to be prioritized. Therefore I want to dedicate more free time as possible now after school's over to make and create more wonderful things as I used to back in 2013!
It's a must and perfect since I recently was asked to do a commission by a family member of mine, so now I am sort of forced to anyways.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

31 Days of Me! - day 1

So since the February blog challenge failed miserably due to me being in the hospital and trying to recover these past few weeks since the 13th, I will try this challenge I found on Pinterest instead!
It is called "31 Days of Me" and I figured I would keep going because I liked blogging every day and doing a challenge that suited me.
So I think we should just get into it instead!

The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

The meaning behind my nickname Inaa [Een-Ah]  comes from when my brother Markus and I were pretty young. I would say that I was around 4 or 5 and he probably around 1.5 to 2 years old and he couldn't say Lina [Lee-nAh] and so it just came out as Inaa instead, and it just stuck to me my entire life within my family.
Growing up in school, however, I lived with horrible taunting names from my bullies, but Inaa was the only name that stuck in my adult life, and one that was comfortable to me.
To this day I would say that I am so comfortable that I could even consider to legally change my name to it.
And when I am out in public or meet new people I also introduce myself as Inaa.
It's only when I work or have to stay professional that I call myself Lina really. But normally I just tell everyone to call me Inaa. 

And the meaning behind Lady - is from when my family did some research about my father's family history and found out that we have some noble blood descendant from Norway in the 17th century!
Which therefore would make me Lady Lina, but I just say Lady Inaa instead. 
Not just because I find it super cool, I also wish we could have more respect and a bit more nobility in our modern society. 

Many times I think about how the world probably would be good if we could have some resemblance to our history books and how they lived their lives.
Some could debate that it was a simpler life than today, and others how much harder things actually were. I, however, see that it's from the both sides, but that doesn't change my mind.

Throw me back in history any day, please!

Simple Creamy Vegetarian Pea and Red Lentil Soup

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