Monday, February 20, 2017

Din Android Spelar In Din Röst - steg för steg hur man stänger av funktionen

Så idag lärde jag mig en viktig läxa - att jag måste lära känna min egen telefon och dess funktioner den har!
För rätt var det var insåg jag att min fina lilla Samsung Galaxy S4 spelar in mina samtal med min man och samtal jag haft med familjemedlemmar utan min tillåtelse!

I detta inlägg så kommer jag steg-för-steg lära dig hur du också kan stänga av denna vidriga funktion som lurar i våra Androids.
Och visst, kan väl jag också tycka att detta känns som skräckpropaganda lite att "Big Brother ser allt!". Men nu är så fallet att det är sant och vi måste vakna upp ur dvalan och lära känna våra rättigheter, vilka avtal vi faktiskt går med på och vad vi kan göra för att motarbeta det som känns fel. 

Så, men det sagt vill jag också poängtera en sak: jag älskar Google.
Som företag, som entreprenörer, som teknik, som utvecklande teknologisk vetenskap och jag använder gärna många av deras produkter, mm.
Men det betyder inte att jag håller med om att de spelar in mina egna privata samtal och sparar i filer utan min tillåtelse eller min vetskap. 

1. Klicka in till INSTÄLLNINGAR på din Android
2. Klicka på MIN ENHET
3. Klicka in till SPRÅK OCH INMATNING
6. Stäng av alla blåa knappar, så att de blir gråa

steg 1

steg 2

steg 3

steg 4

steg 5

steg 6

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Day 8, Book - #FebruaryBlogChallenge2017

Throughout my life books have always been carrying books around me for support, especially when my life was low on friends and I only had myself and family to rely on.
Now books have a different meaning to them. 

Books can be a new passage to a different world, a instruction manual, or a helpful guide along your way.
As a younger self I tended to enter the various worlds of someone else - mainly because I always wanted to leave my own.
But today I sit and see that I more tend to draw myself to the DIY-books and guides rather than escape my daily life into a bunch of pages for a few hours. And I think that's because I'm becoming more and more content with my own life as I live today in a way!

Life has definitely more to offer me now that even 5 years ago when I was a newly grad-student from Swedish Gymnasiet and had the world at my feet.
So today at 24, happily married and better circle than I ever could ask for - I don't need to escape anymore, mainly because I don't want to. 

Books I've recently gotten from the library

I will read a book every once in awhile and that will be okej for a few month's time. Now I'm way more interested in reading and hearing about other's lives and meet new people internationally over the web in a way. 

But one book I am currently reading from my own private collection is from Tracy Chevalier "The Lady and the Unicorn" (in Swedish by the way, usually I don't but this one I got at a flea market)

"The Lady and the Unicorn"
- by Tracy Chevalier

My absolute FAVORITE BOOK have to be another from Tracy's, and it's called "Girl With A Pearl Earring".
I've loved that book and the movie for the longest time. And I think the movie starring Scarlett Johansson very well to the book.
I often recommend you read the book first, and then watch the movie.
The biggest reason to why I adore the book so much is because it's a fabulous playout of my favorite piece of art created by Johannes Vermeer in 1665 in Delft, the Netherlands.
Nobody knows who the girl is in the painting, but it's claimed it was one of his workers/maidens. 

"Girl With A Pearl Earring"
- by Tracy Chevalier

What are you currently reading? And what's your favorite book?
Any good reading tips you can give me, if so drop a comment to this post 

Day 7, Breakfast - #FebruaryBlogChallenge

Oh boy... where do I even begin with this one...?

Today is day 2 of my Liquid Diet-only until surgery on the 13th of February 
(well - that's what I believe since they told me they only do surgeries on Monday's and Wednesday's, and I'm being admitted to the hospital on the 12th this Sunday)
I can't tell you how BADLY I do miss solid foods, like guys... I could cry over a sandwich right about now!

Right now I have to try and keep to only 200 ml (basically little bit less than 1 American cup), for each meal.
And it can only be runny (like soup) or pudding-form (pudding, smoothie, etc...).
But I also have to eat about 5x a day as well.
Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner, or a snack before bed so I don't go several hours without food until the morning! (that's what my doctors told me)

I am so jealous of people who eat solids around me, and I just wish this awful week will be over soon, however I am fully aware of why I am doing this. And that's why I believe that every meal now isn't a punishment but a reminder to keep going at it.
Even if the meals get rather boring and single formed...

What is your favorite breakfast, and why? :)

I can also tell you all that I am now weighing in on 109,8 kg and can say GOODBYE to 110 kg! I hope to NEVER ever see you again on the scale.
This means I have 0,8 kg left until surgery :D
All in all I've lost -10,2 kg since my journey began summer 2016

This is my dream breakfast meal
Oatmeal with lingonberry jam, toast and a glass of milk

This gotta be my 2nd favorite though.
Rosehip soup, glass of milk and a cheese sandwich

However, this tragic thing is 200 ml of Modifast's low calorie diet-drink.
And this was the strawberry flavor I believe. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Day 6, Hug - #FebruaryBlogChallenge2017

Here we are again, with the horrible updates dropping in later than wanted!
I am so swamped with things to do that I have to prioritize many of the things I do in order to make everything going right!
But I can only hope you accept my humble apology and let's move on with the post theme - Hug

I've often spoken about what feelings I have regarding mental illness covering Anxiety and Depression.
But something beautiful of that to myself, is just receiving a hug. 

The first time I hugged my husband - when we still only dated back in 2013, then we had only Skyped from Florida to Sweden for about 1 years time. 
I flew all by myself and landed 24 hours later in a hot and humid southwest Florida from a pre-fall Sweden.
Besides being completely beat and totally exhausted from the journey, staying awake the entire traveltime. I was as happy and excited as could be! 

I came off the plane and walked what felt forever through a long corridor with the other passengers. Wearing jeans, a t-shirt and my thin fall jacket and tennis shoes. Hmm wifey-material right there haha!
And at the end I saw a ramp going upwards, where a guy's leaning against a trashcan. It was my fiancé to be.
All I remember thinking to myself before we embraced was "I thought he was taller than this..." !!!
Turns out he thought I was super-tiny for being a girl my age haha! Seems like we both had some misunderstandings about each other's height. 

Embracing Jordan felt like being part of an earthquake at the same time as the entire world stood still. I wanted to cry but I was too shy since it was our first time ever meeting each other.
He got my bags and we headed outside. The first thing that hit me was the extreme exotic heat and I burst out: "Oh my God! It's like being in hell with my clothes on!"

But I do love Florida, even if it gave me 3rd degree sunburn once and I often got heat exhaustion, I will always consider it my 2nd home and hometown to where I met my soulmate, snucked away and got married, got my first tattoos and went to see a big comedic show, ate lots of good southern foods, traveled and saw lots of things. 

Where I made memories, experienced sadness and tears, but made got lots of happy smiles and laughters. 

A hug means so much more than words

Monday, February 6, 2017

Day 5, Children - #FebruaryBlogChallenge2017

Hey lovelies.
Yesterday I couldn't make much sense due to that I received a difficult phone call from a so called "ghost of the past", a person I haven't met nor spoken to in nearly 20 years time...
And it ripped up some deep emotions I couldn't process very well.

But I do apologize for this missed out post, so today there will be two updates nr. 4 and nr.5 posted during today.

Today's theme is about children.
I love children so much that I chose to work with them, and haven't regretted my choice whatsoever.
Growing up my surroundings kept telling me "oh you'll be such a great teacher!", and after hearing that most of my early years - it was the LAST THING I wanted to become.
Something that other's predicted me to do because they told me to.
I wanted to choose my own path!

However, at the age of 18 I had a choice after graduation:
1. find a job and earn money
2. go to the University 
And it ended up with me heading my butt over to Umeå University to become a High School teacher... yeah I know!

But after 10 months, I developed Anorexia due to the HUGE amount of stress and nearly starved myself everyday, to school, during school and after school.
So I decided to quit for my own sake. I would find a job instead. 

And so I did. I got myself a nice little part time job with the substitute kindergarten teacher-squad, and I've remained on and off since 2011 now.
I loved it so much that I am now soon to become a fully educated Barnskötare and Elevassistent (Kindergarten and Elementary Assistant pretty much in shorter converted terms)

One of the many days with Depression

My education now have proceeded within nearly 1 year and I will soon be done and fit for fight ;)
The only thing that will hold me back some is that, the final day of handing in my last essay is when I will be admitted to the hospital in Lycksele, Sweden for my Gastric Bypass surgery on the 12th of February...
And after that I have to arrange and book an oral examination with my teacher for them to see that I know what I'm talking about so that I haven't cheated. Since all of my education have been online based and at home.
Where nobody can check in with me other than myself (that self discipline though!!) to make sure that I know what I've studied and do my education according to schedule. 

But when I am at work and taking care of the kids, I feel like my Depression never existed.
I am happy, I can focus and we create memories together.
It's a place I don't have to drag my feet at home hearing how awful and worthless I am by my own brain-ghosts.
Feels very liberating to know that I can get a hug, go sledding in the wintertime together, play with Legos (and yeah actually getting paid to do so!), receive a flower or a drawing from someone who's so free like a child actually is.
At work is where my problems disappear, and I am happy. 

If you live in Sweden and are thinking about doing online studies, I can very warmly recommend Hermods and their educational programs.
Whether you're a new Swedish citizen, have problems in your current school, or are in simple need of an educational change. This is the place to go to.
I can sit in my pyjamas and be smart in my bed if I want to, and still get my Diploma in the end of the day (with of course that you do what you're supposed to do in the Deadline that's given by the teachers in charge!)

But I will say this - one of the top 5 best decisions I've ever made

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Day 4, Joy - #FebruaryBlogChallenge2017

Hey lovelies.
Yesterday I couldn't make much sense due to that I received a difficult phone call from a so called "ghost of the past", a person I haven't met nor spoken to in nearly 20 years time...
And it ripped up some deep emotions I couldn't process very well.

But I do apologize for this missed out post, so today there will be two updates nr. 4 and nr.5 posted during today.

Today's theme is about JOY.
And wow... there's a whole bunch of stuff that can be said about that. But again as Day 3 - I will try and narrow it down a bit!

To me utter joy is when you get all bubbly and can't make much sense. It's got to be the absolutely best feeling in the world when everything is so great that you feel such utter joy in a moment - isn't that beautiful though?
When you get to share a wonderful moment with someone, or feel so overly happy that it becomes joy.

For someone who's battled depression and anxiety since early teen years a moment of joy can mean everything, and that even for just the day or for months!

When you often get depressed, or know what it feels like - you cling to that joyful moment and cherish it more than anything since you can't be certain it will happen again for a while.
The moments of joy feels like a delicate flower that can be ruined by a single word, an act by someone, a nasty depressing thought or memory makes itself present, or just the smallest of change can set it off and the moment is gone...
And that's why it's SO IMPORTANT for me to have many moments with people I love that I can feel joy with.

This weekend a joyful moment was to celebrate my brother Markus' birthday since he lives far up in Norrbotten county and won't be home until March (his birthday is a few days away).

So we tried to do our best; buy supplies to make a cake, drink coffee, eat a lovely birthday meal, as well as seeing our Grandmother (farmor).
From me and Jordan (my husband), my brother got a gift voucher for 100 SEK at Dressman (which was free from doing online surveys) as well as a book about Whiskey. 

Birthday cake containing:
- fresh strawberries
- Daim (Swedish candy)
- bananas
- vanilla cream
- chocolate cake bottom
- whipped cream

Friday, February 3, 2017

Day 3, Warmth - #FebruaryBlogChallenge2017

Hello lovelies!
Today's topic is a hard one for sure, and I wasn't exactly sure on how to proceed to make a post about this because it can mean over a hundred different things if you think about it...

But after some thinking over the day while at work (finally something after a few weeks absence), I was able to find some pictures of what warmth means to me.
I know that most of the bloggers following the tag
#FebruaryBlogChallenge2017 also snap a new picture each day for a new personal challenge to snap as many new images as possible.
For me I'm gonna take this month to reflect on how I see the different topics and get some thoughts out of my system, but also it's a great way for you all to get to know me a little bit more as well on a personal level!

For me, warmth represents a whole bunch of things.
It's family and friends, it's actual heat and it's a feeling that I get whenever I am either happy or utterly bubbly. 

So in a way WARMTH represent a symbolical thing in a my life. 
Here below are a few images that you might enjoy, and that represents for the past time just this word alone in a small fraction of whenever I've been able to photograph it at its very best. 

Whenever a cold winter's day can be lit and warm from a single candle light

Whenever I am able to give someone a gift just for that joy it will give
(present I gave my mother the other day)
That feeling from an early morning that nothing can describe in full
To love someone more than yourself or anything other
To be able to experience amazing things - big or small

Day 2, Love - #FebruaryBlogChallenge2017

Welcome lovelies, to Day 2 of the February Blog Challenge of 2017!
Today's theme will be LOVE, as the title so nicely gives away haha, but that won't matter because I think it's a great theme to talk about, especially in the month of Valentine's too. 

For me love have been a very huge rollercoaster-kind-of emotion, but it's not until after turning 20 that I fully realized what it actually means, well at least to myself. 
My husband Jordan have done wonders for me about how I see the world and especially on how I (should) see myself.
Especially after some REALLY messed up relationships I've had in the past that I won't bring up here - but it does involve being catfished!!

He helps me in so many ways and I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime

Yes we have those cultural differences and obviously we fight as a normal married couple do. But I still say that we understand and complement each other just like a puzzle does. 

This year I will miss out on the whole festivities on Valentine's Day, since I will be recovering from surgery sadly.
But once I am fully back to health I wish to do something for the both of us that means something, and can be remembered.
(not like being alone on Valentine's due to 5 surgical holes screams "I love you" exactly haha!)

I think the reason why we've been able to look past our differences, no matter the reasons, is because we are really two giant kids in adult form. We are able to make each other laugh and be silly even if we come out looking like huge idiots.
And I think it's important to have a laugh every once in awhile, because without laughter life becomes so dull.
We forget how it used to be a child and how much fun we had, and it's easy to become depressed and sad as an adult because many (and even myself) gets too scared of coming out looking like a silly goof to others.

I would love to take my husband out sledding like two big children. Or jump on a trampoline. Push the other in a pile of snow or chase each other around for a game of tag. 

I could never see myself "grow up" and become boring and lose part of the fun life we all used to have.
Just because you grow up doesn't mean you have to become boring too!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Day 1, Me - #FebruaryBlogChallenge2017

Here we are!
February 1st, 2017 and new challenges are coming ahead.

Not only is this gonna be a personal challenge for me to blog every day for someone who's never done it, but also because February is the month of my Gastric Bypass surgery!
So many new opportunities are available in front of my feet and I feel like I don't want to push back and say "no" anymore because of fear, anxiety or depression.

But who am I?

I'm Inaa, 24 years old and married to my wonderfully supportive and loving husband Jordan (who moved across the globe from America to be with me for the rest of his life!).
I live in Västerbotten county in northern Sweden with my family for the moment but the spring seems full of surprises so - who knows?!

I am also a hobby artist, blogger, sister, wife, daughter, friend and multitasking creative mess!
I wouldn't have it any other way, because it's my life and I wouldn't change much about it.
But besides all these titles I also battle anxiety, depression and obesity. Which now I'm getting help with in forms of a Gastric Bypass surgery on the 12th and onwards, where my entire life and wellbeing will be put at risk and at stake. 

Although in the end of it all, so far 2017 have brought me many good surprises in its on way and I am for once happy, bubbly and overly excited to take on all challenging obstacles coming my way.
It's like I've found a new source of inspiration that I'm thirsting after and won't stop until I feel finished. 

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