Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I was recommended to join the next blog-challenge of February 2017, and I accepted it!
So I want to say thank you to Lina Maxedius for challenging us in the blogger's group we're both part of. 
This shall be a new and exciting experience for me :)

The challenge is to blog and share a picture of the thing listed for the day.
It's gonna be one word describing the day and you just have to go with it pretty much, which I don't think will be too much of a problem.
But here is the list down below if you accept the #FebruaryBlogChallenge2017

I'm excited to give myself into something consistent, and I know that when I'm having the surgery and will be gone over February 12th-15th I need to try and prepare content beforehand and schedule it so it comes out during the days while I'm gone at the hospital in Lycksele.
Since it's been so long since I made some actual content daily I think this will be good for my followers as well as having something to look forward to as a creator for my own sake  


1. Me
2. Love
3. Warmth
4. Joy
5. Children
6. Hug
7. Breakfast
8. Book
9. Pink
10. Car
11. Cold
12. Bag
13. Hobby
14. Routine
15. Flour
16. Light
17. Play
18. Bedroom
19. Button
20. Movie
21. Beverage
22. Green
23. Kitchen
24. Expensive
25. Blurry
26. Reality
27. Kiss
28. Laughter

Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Body, My Temple - Secret's Out Vlog

It is a sad day when I have to sit down and make a video about WHY I'M having surgery to live a better life.
There is NOTHING that affects anyone else but me, yet others have chosen to contact me and tell me what I should do and shouldn't do with MY BODY...

If you aren't okej with surgery, that's totally fine. But don't come telling me that I can't because you don't like it. Or that I shouldn't because it's just you're opinion.

My Body, My Temple | Secret's Out Vlog 

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