Friday, October 28, 2016

My Brooch & Pin Collection

I figured I'd show you all my current brooch and pin-collection  

*Tradera is the Swedish version of eBay

Ceramic Brooch of Summer Flowers
$3.16 (incl. shipping) on Tradera

Daisy Ceramic Brooch
$2.57 (incl. shipping) on Tradera

Gold Rose Brooch
Sadly I don't remember the price, but it was purchased from Tradera

Flower brooch from a local 
antique shop called Antik Bothnia

American Flag Pin
$1.12 (free shipping) from Tradera

Swedish Flag Pin
$4.15 (incl. shipping) from Tradera.
However this one came in a 4-pack

Royal Blue Plastic Brooch
$1,89 (incl. shipping) from Tradera

Red Shoe-Pin
 $1.89 (incl. shipping) from Tradera

You can check out:
- any local secondhand shop near you

- eBay
- Etsy
- other small businesses
- the Anarchist Closet

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