Monday, September 5, 2016

An Alternative Secondhand Shop - the Anarchist Closet

the Anarchist Closet
So, I have to tell you all about probably my absolute FAVORITE secondhand shop called the Anarchist Closet located in Tampa, Florida.
If you're classifying yourself as a modern misfit and feel that regular clothes in local shops are too plain in taste - THIS IS the store for you for sure. 

It's run by single owner Stephanie Christou which I've had the pleasure to become personal friends with. 

A very lovely, kind, open minded and driven shop owner for sure.
Not only does she manage the store but is the only employee and you'll find her inside of the shop at open hours:

Tuesday-Saturday: 11 am to 8 pm 
Sundays: 11 am to 6 pm

Stephanie Christou

My first (and so far only, booo!) visit was back in August of 2015 when my close friend Louise came down from England for a quick visit; my husband, myself and two other friends took a trip up to Tampa to show Louise around and get to explore the city more.
I wanted to surprise my friend who posses a very required taste in Goth and darkness and therefore I had checked out available "Gothic" enough shops online.
To my sheer luck the Anarchist Closet popped up on my search list and we managed to make a real good surprise to her for sure.
We went inside and it was like all kinds of styles and personalities hit us by the door. Goth, punk, regular outfits, costumes, rockabilly, steampunk, and much much more! 

Stephanie greeted us very kindly and offered assistance if needed. 
After maybe an hour or so all five of us had outfits and left very merry and pleased with our visit. 
I managed to find a few belts and an amazing rockabilly dress. 

* * *
Now people - I wanted to show you how easy it is to find and compose a pretty decent vintage inspired outfit using only items found and provided by the Anarchist Closet. 
I tried my best to match each outfit in sizes - items in Small with other Smalls, XL with other Large and/or XL, etc...
These are inspired from my own taste as if for myself and my husband. Hopefully you enjoy my mix and matches, and maybe even pay a visit to the Anarchist Closet's Facebook page which always gets updated on a daily basis. 

I've wanted to make a post about the Anarchist Closet for a while now, and not because Stephanie is my friend - but because the concept of having an actual physical store completely dedicated to alternative styles for people with mixed tastes, is just absolutely brilliant!
It's fantastic to be able to have a green thinking shop that is dedicated to it's fans of the alternative lifestyle where you easily can find an outfit within minutes online or in the actual store itself. 
Shopping second hand don't stress the environment as much as shopping brand new clothes online or in stores really does.
No superlong shipping distances. No full price items. No tear on fabric being produced in a sweatshop abroad like in Asia.
Just clothes other's have donated to the store (the Anarchist Closet) that they don't want anymore in exchange for store credit. The store
 accepts international sales and accept many payment forms.
So check out my list below of outfits that I found on their Facebook page, and while you're at it give them a like and support the cause!

OUTFIT: XSmall/Small

XS - $4.99
XSmall - $6.99
Small - $4.99

OUTFIT: Medium

Medium - $6.99
Small/Medium - $7.99


Large - $9.99


XL - $11.99
XL - $6.99
1XL - $7.99
2XL - $7.99
My dress that I've recently purchased.
2XL - $19.99

(my husband's sizes)

Large - $7.99
Large - $19.99
32x32" - $9.99
Men's shoes size 12 - $29.99
My husband's new ties - black and blue
Costed $0.99/each


Size 7 - $49.99

Size 7 - $49.99

Size 7,5 - $12.99

Size 11 - $9.99

Size 11 - $14.99

Size 7,5 - $9.99

A big thank you to Stephanie at the Anarchist Closet
for providing all the images shown in this post. 
This is NOT a paid promotion!

the Anarchist Closet:
Instagram: @anarchistcloset

Friday, September 2, 2016

New Change

This past summer I decided to make a change in my life.
I wanna be MYSELF and stop holding back so much, and I know that many people are because they are afraid of social judgement - but it made me think: "why am I holding back for? For WHOM am I doing this?!"

Yeah, I am now officially calling myself Lady Inaa and change some of my social medias around. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ so far have gotten slight changes, where I even deleted my old Twitter and made a new one from scratch.
If you feel up like following me, you can find me at @LadyInaaHF to add me. 
This summer I have also started my journey to a more vintage inspired life and I was worried for a long time until I discovered lovely people and a few Facebook groups that are fully dedicated to the vintage lifestyle - living as if the 1920's all the way up to the 1960's. And there's men and women, boys and girls of all ages.
Made some really nice friends over these past months, and some have been really inspirational for me as well as superhelpful with tips like how to make my hair into a more 1940-1950's look!
Even if others are thinking this is a ridiculous thing, I don't care.
This makes ME happy. Not you. 

The reason why I call myself "Lady Inaa" is for these reasons:
  1.  I think women are beautiful creatures and therefore should be met with respect. I do not agree with most modern slang like "bae".
    Women are ladies, and men are gents or gentlemen. It shows more respect.
  2. My family have connections to royalty back in the 16th hundred century Norway and I thought it always were intriguing to know that I've got somewhat royal descendant relatives.
    It was more for fun in the start, that developed into thoughts like "hell yeah, I'm rather a LADY than someone's bae!"
  3. It sounds nicer, and you know it!

These past 3 months (I would say) I've started dressing more vintage inspired, changed my hair around and stopped using hair dye (too many chemicals anyways!), gone crazy on Tradera and eBay for vintage items such like brooches and other cute trinkets like crocheted Peter Pan-collars etc...
It's a long path to change an entire look of a person. But I feel so beyond excited and happy that it doesn't matter anymore. As long as I can be happy it's fine. 

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