Thursday, May 26, 2016

Video Game Commentation & Let's Play's Helped My Anxiety and Depression

The headline might sound really weird.
How could video games commentaries and YouTube Let's Plays help anxiety and depression you might ask yourself.

Well I'm gonna tell you my version. 

It's a Wednesday evening, the clock shows after 6 pm and I'm feeling an anxiety attack creep on slowly. 
My chest is tight, my heart hurts when I breathe and I feel like I have to sigh deeply in order to get any form of air. 
I've tried everything from meditation to long walks outdoors, to listening to music and watch movies. The only thing I haven't done is medication. 
But for some reason letting videos of Let's Plays on YouTube run in the background, or popping my earbuds in my computer and watch as different gamers play video games - are working like wonders. 

It might be the interactions from them playing or focusing on them talking, or the mix of both that you for a minute or more forget about your problems a little and even might be able to burst out a laugh to the complete failures or silly comments these entertainers provide their viewers. 

I sort of become a friend. Me and the YouTuber-gamer laugh and struggle through the levels and might even end up getting a relief that there's no longer any anxiety left. 
And things are sort of fine again. Hard still maybe, but you feel you can cope again whether it might be for another few hours or more. 

Some people might not get it, the whole thing about let's plays and video games - and that's all fine.
Laughter and watching a video of a let's play is 100x better than taking medication and worst case end up hurting yourself which you'll regret afterwards.
Let's plays are a relatively new thing to the world, but for some people it's their entire world. It's an escape and a way to deal/cope and it's the best medication ever. 

My personal favorites when it comes to YouTube-let's plays are:
• Felix Kjellberg - PewDiePie

• Sean McLoughlin - Jacksepticeye
• Mark Fischbach - Markiplier
• Kenneth Morrison - CinnamonToastKen

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