Friday, April 29, 2016

Charity: LoveNepal

Hello people!
Just figured I would stop by and make a little blog update for you, about what's going on right now. 

I've recently been seeing posts from a Swedish charity called Love Nepal.

Basically with every order that comes in I will be donating 50% of the sale to Love Nepal and their wonderful work that they do.

They are a Swedish organisation that fights against children forced into sexwork.
These children are often between ages 7-13 when they're either kidnapped or born into these brothels as prostitutes, so they're exposed to constant rape, cruel abuse and poor living standards from a VERY young age. 

If you want to know more you can check out their website called
(if you're not a speaker of Swedish, you can always translate their webpage)

Other than my new charity project - I can mention to you all that my latest piece of artwork "Build Me Up From Bones" arrived safely to England a little while back.
That made me so happy to see. 

I am hoping to start new commissions and new artworks soon. 
To be at all honest I've missed doing artworks for myself only, than just having commissioned work done. So it might be something, just gotta find that spark of inspiration and creation again to actually kick it off. 
Got some few ideas that I want to try out, so I'm gonna try going for them now when school is gonna take a slower speed.

I've managed to get most of the important essays done. Just got 2 more assignments before my class called Pedagogical Practice is over, then one more smaller class before summer and I'm officially free for a few weeks. Then August 1st is back to school haha. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

School... Art... Work...

To me the title headline is more like: "stress... stress... and more stress..." in my ears.

I've been re-opening all of my art pages again, and I've officially been a student for a little over a month now (insert mini-celebration here).

Been struggling to find hours to work. And with Easter just passing I couldn't work as much as I've wanted cus kindergarten's here have been closed over the holiday. 
Which pretty much have left me flatass broke. Right now I am also fighting against the student loan people to get my rights for a loan because it'd help my living situation, my bills and my student literature. 

Me screaming internally

As of right now I am slowly working on my way to finish up a commission that's going to a friend in England - to Crawley to be exact.
It's my first commission in nearly 2 years now, so imagine my excitement and utter surprise when I showed them the work in progress and they bought it straight off the bat!
My creation is a charcoal and chalk drawing, with hints of white gel-pen. 

The title will be revealed once it's finished

After I've finished the skull-commission I'm off to working on two pieces for my parents behalf. From the looks of it, it's gonna be worked in Acrylic paint both of them.
Later once I've moved on from those there's a commission request from Florida, that's pretty exciting. It's my first American commission - hat's off to the customer.

There's still room in my orderbook if there's any other interest in booking a commission, and I've also got several prints left over. 

- Inaa

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