Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Living On A Budget - part 1

I am a person that lives and have dedicated my life to recycling and living on Second Hand.
Most likely I think it started when I was in Middle School (age 10-12) when I would eagerly stop by the local Thrift Store.
To this day I love knowing that I can reduce my spendings and still gain new things by purchasing green items locally or online. 

I've found so many things that lifts up my home, or even make super great gifts! And I haven't even spent $10 sometimes in one store alone, but still managed to walk out with more than 5 items.
To me that's very financially better, environmentally (aka Green) thinking, fun and somewhat relaxing.
Usually when I've gone with my family, we make it a whole day. For example on a Saturday or Sunday (or any other day when it works for us).
We go around to different Thrift shops, Second Hand-shops, Salvation Army, the Red Cross, etc... and we usually get some lunch or fika while we're out. 

I was thinking about showing my latest finds here. And I have to say I'm very proud of them all.
In total I think I spent about $90 for all of these items in 2 months timeframe. 

Found this at Myrorna in Umeå, Sweden.
Perfect for summer and spring!

Gorgeous vintage-pattern

Originally from the store Åhlens. And I was really
happy to see that the whole bag was intact. All I really had to do,
was to wash it on a low temperature for 15min. 

A beautiful silver candelabra from Myrorna in Umeå, Sweden.

I had to polish this one up, but it turned out so nice!
Found at Red Cross Umeå.

Found the glass jar at Returcentrum, the shells are from Florida.

Found this triangle bottle with cork lid.
The shells are hand-picked in Florida

Old brown bottle, feather are from
the Ostrich Farm in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

These books are from a Swedish series called "Sagan Om Valhalla"
by author Johanne Hildebrandt.
I can't believe I found the 2nd and the 3rd book at PMU Second Hand in Umeå, Sweden.
The 1st book I had to order from Tradera (eBay).

Bottle found at Returcentrum.
Filled it up with some leftover tea, put a bow on it and
I attached a phone jewel on it. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dress-ed for Florida - 2015 pics

Going through my Olympus-camera, I found some images from my last days in Florida before I moved back to Scandinavia.
I felt that I had to share these moments. 

I had taken at Macy's in Fort MyersFlorida last August 2015.
I totally fell in love with this dress  

The only thing I did not like was that their changing rooms made me get a feeling of being in a "basement like room", a feeling of discomfort. 
It was torn concrete floors, previously tried on clothes scattered everywhere so I felt confused where to put my stuff - and just dusty and dirty. It wasn't all too inviting especially if people with asthma or other would've been there. 

"Modeled" a bit after me and my bestie Louise had been shopping August 2015 in Fort Myers, Florida at Rue21
I think she did a great job taking this picture

Had a typical southern American meal - with homemade cornbread too! 

Rain was coming

Evening pic of the Caloosahatchee river

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