Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New blog - Becoming Inaa

I have created a new blog for those who has interest in reading deeply into who I am.
Here's a little preview for you all:

"This blog is dedicated to my new life and my past experiences. How I'm transforming and making my own journey from Lina to Inaa.
Follow my steps from the Swedish nobody from Västerbotten - to the Swedish hobby artist Inaa, who married her American dream man in Florida at 22 years of age. 

Join me, as I'm becoming the new me.

I still remember that comment one of my classmates from my Swedish High School told me: "I can just imagine seeing you as a housewife living in USA with your American husband". 
Of course I denied all this, how dared they tell me I'd be marrying an American when I was dating a British guy?
Then again I didn't realize how damn wrong I was, and how right they were..."

Link to new blog --> Becoming Inaa

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