Monday, March 30, 2015

Saturday = Fun Day

Yesterday me and hubby had a lovely day outdoors.
We started our journey at Starbucks and had a nice Swedish Fika (basically a Coffee/Tea/Other + cake/cookie).
Manages to snap some photos of the environment too.

Later we went to Michael's Arts & Crafts-store, got ourselves some wood 'cus we've talked about learning woodburning together.
I myself got some new canvas paper, 10 sheets, and 3 smaller canvas panels. Last Christmas I received some paint from a family friend that I need to use soon haha. 

Then we finished off the night with a lovely meal at IHOP. I had some serious craving for pancakes and bacon.
There I found out that they also serve some meals with Swedish Lingonberryjam! Totally made my day xx

Our favorite Starbucks ♥


Dinner at IHOP

Banana & Strawberry Pancakes ♥

Eggs á la sunny side up, Bacon & Hash browns

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Weekend Fun (20th-22nd)

So this was my past weekend. Yes I know, I know... it's already Wednesday!
Me and hubby have been superbusy with trying to organize our bedroom and move around furniture in the house.

But here's a quick summary:
I managed to take a small trip to the mall and got myself Pusheen T-shirt! ♥
We also took the planes out of the hangar in the backyard, and I got to read a LIFE Magazine from October 24th 1949.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

10 "STUPID" questions I've been asked since I came to America:

These following questions below, are actual SERIOUS questions people have asked me since I came to America August 2014.
Some have been High School dropouts, someone had not been outside of the United States of America, and someone had not even left the state of Florida. These questions aren't meant to target these people, but to simply amuse and laugh-along with as we did when I set the records straight in the private discussions we all had individually. 

1. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in Sweden?
Answer: No we don't... we are not pilgrims from Europe like you Americans once were...

2. Follow up question to #1 - Do you celebrate Christmas?
Answer: yes, but it's called Jul (originally from Yule)

3. Do you like Swiss chocolate, watches or cheese?
Answer: Yes I do like it, but I'm not Swiss. I'm Swedish, if that's what you mean...

4. Is Sweden similar to Switzerland? Or is that the same country?
Answer: No. Sweden belongs to Scandinavia. And it's 2 015 km (1252.06 miles) apart from each other.

(also NEVER call a Swedish person "Swiss" or ask them about Switzerland, they will take great offence to this)

5. Does Sweden have black people?
Answer: Yes, we have a great diversity of different people from different backgrounds and race in Sweden.

6. Do you get snow in Sweden?
Answer: As a Swede this question is very ridiculous and slight funny. Since I am a girl from north of Sweden, I'm often used to at least 6 months of constant snow. And only 3 months of summer.

7. Does Sweden celebrate 4th of July?
Answer: No, again that's an American holiday. We do however have our own "national day" on the 6th of June celebrating that Gustav Vasa was elected the king of Sweden back in 1523. And the day is also named "National Flag-day" in Sweden.

8. Do you have American TV-shows and movies in Sweden?
Answer: Yes, we do get a lot of American influenced TV-shows and most our movies are American produced.

9. Do you guys have a President in Sweden?
Answer: No we do not. We have a King and Queen (which means we're a Monarchy), but our country is run by the Prime Minister.

10. Does Sweden have guns?
Answer: Yes we do, but you need to have a special licence to have one. But more often than not many Swedes don't own any guns (unless for cheer interest or for hunting), like most Americans do.

(Sweden may have a higher firearms rate PER CAPITA than America. But the person who asked believed Sweden don't have guns at all and no military)

Do you speak English in Sweden?
Answer: Yes, we are taught from a very young age, from around 6-7 in school and English is the 2nd most spoken language in Sweden. My guess is that around 80% of Swedes talk English.

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