Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentine's in Tampa, Florida

So on Valentine's weekend me and my husband traveled up to Tampa, Florida to celebrate with some friends of ours, and to get out of the house. 

Me and my friend Meg did some shopping, and all of a sudden my husband and my friend's husband Frangelexis says we have to hurry 'cus there's a surprise for us girls.
We were guided through the mall and ended up at a nearby hair salon. Everything had been paid for already. 

So for my Valentine's surprise - I got to color my red back into my hair, and style it with gorgeous curls ♥
(My present for him was two framed photos from Instagram from 2013 when we first officially met, since I was living in Sweden and he was still living here in Florida, USA)

Later that evening we enjoyed a lovely meal at Olive Garden :)

We also managed to go to IKEA and get some Swedish food, 'cus lately I've found myself very homesick. And food here in the States are VERY different from typical Swedish food and drinks. 

My husband's surprise for me on V-day

My surprise for my husband

Managed to get my hands on some Swedish candy!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Monster Truck-show Friday

Yesterday my husband got invited by his work to come with to a VIP-pass to a Monster Truck-show here in Fort Myers inside the Germain Arena.
It was loud as hell, and of course I forgot to bring my earplugs... So it felt like my ears was falling off haha!

One of the mini Monster Trucks fell over (Lil' Bully), and started leaking fluids. So they had to pull him off the arena.
And then one of the bigger Monster Truck's engine started catching on fire and it got smoke everywhere. So it was definitely a SHOW haha.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Panda Flowerpot

I bought a really cute and sweet Panda flower-pot the other day. You're supposed to grow your own grass in it.
I just really couldn't stay away from buying it, only $3 worth I think it was at Home Depot.

The Panda-pot came with a small pellet of soil and grass-seeds from the Netherlands.

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