Sunday, October 26, 2014

Postcard from Florida #1

Postcard from Florida #1

Hey guys!
Life's been so darn hectic since I moved here to the sunshine state, you wouldn't believe it. 
Currently me and Jordan (my fiancé) have been trying to look for our own place since we're living with friends.

And so far it's been a rollercoaster of accusations and finger pointing.
I have been accused of animal abuse, and Jordan have had fingers pointed his direction too 
Ridiculous since the last thing I could ever do is lay my hands on an animal.

Since it's almost Halloween here in the states I will experience the night of horror and candy galore for the very first time 
We are also going to go see a concert in St. Petersburg, FL on the 30th October, so I am excited 
Are you guys gonna celebrate Halloween?

Currently I am also trying to get back to being active online and get back to drawing and painting. If there's any interest in getting a commission done, just go ahead and message me.
Email and private message works just fine.

Lots of Love xx

Sunday, October 5, 2014

American Panncake Breakfast & Airplanes

Today me, Jordan (the fiancé) and the people we live with went to a Sunday pancake-breakfast out in a hangar in Cape Coral, Florida. In the back there were airplanes for display, and some of the visitors took others on a view up in the sky.

When we came back we saw some cranes (mother and her 2 babies) strolling through the neighbor's backyard. Jordan and I took some bread and fed them a little :)
I was really scared of their beaks, but yet I tried feeding momma bird anyways. 

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