Friday, July 18, 2014

Blue Stone - first drawing on black paper

First attempt on black paper with Derwent pencils.

"Blue stone"
Size: 10,5 * 11,5 cm
Materials: Derwent pencils
Time: 1 hour

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why I prefer acrylic paint

Since I discovered acrylic paint, I simply cannot get enough of it whenever I decide to make a painting. Or whenever I have a commission.

The paint (that I use at least) is a more of a plastic kind of paint. If you get it on your floor - don't worry!
Just let it dry and remove it afterwards. Simple as that :)

But it's also very good to work with. It dries quicker and in less than 10 minutes after you give the canvas the first stroke, you are good to move onto the next step already!

Down below here I have made a demonstration as to why I find it so easy to clean up or use this "plastic" type of paint. 

Please stop telling me what I am

This is gonna be about an important topic for me. About how other people view your before and after pictures when you have dealt with a mass...