Friday, June 20, 2014

5 good reason why you should buy gifts/presents from hobby/amateur artists and crafters

Have you spent months and weeks on end trying to Google your way to the perfect present for you mom, brother, grandparents or even your best friend for birthdays/holidays? Or spent hours upon hours in the mall searching wildly for something decent for dad?

Did you ever consider to take a peek at local artists and crafters pages and websites?
Don't worry, I'm gonna give you 5 good reasons as to why you should purchase that beautiful necklace for your grandmother, or that fabulous painting for your brother.

1. Handmade/Homemade

The item might be hand/homemade, but so what? It gives the perfect feeling of being the only one wearing a custom made necklace, or owning a piece of artwork on your wall that no one of your friends have!

Artists and crafters spend all their available time (sometimes up to 20+ hours!) and heart into creating with their own hands. 

2. Supporting local or small businesses

When you do purchase an item from a local or a small business from either your hometown, or somewhere else in the world; you will support someone who might actually be struggling economically, by buying that item from their stock. 

Not only will you now own something unique, but they will be happy that YOU purchased and chose their item of say.
As a small business woman myself, I get beyond thrilled when a customer approaches me and wants to purchase something that I spent hours to make. And it makes me feel both proud and happy. 

3. Special gifts

You have just purchased something special as a gift.
The artists and crafters spend hours upon hours to make different items the best way possible, and now you have the chance to own it yourself.

So if you see an item on a Facebook-page, or Twitter feed, Instagram, etc... think ahead: "Would nana like this for Christmas maybe?"

4. Mass Production

You don't have to worry about mass production, as if you would've bought it from a well known store. 
If there's art prints made - there's a slight mass production. But in a smaller amount. The entire world won't end up having it in stores.

5. Prices

Local artists/crafters have to spend their own money in order to make the items.
Artists have to spend money on canvases, drawing papers, paint, pencils, brushes, other supplies...
Crafters have to spend money on different supplies, maybe even tools to make whatever they specialise in. 

Some artists/crafters might have higher prices and some might have lower. It all depends on what they think their pieces are worth. 

Depending on:
• the hours of time put into making it
• the original costs into getting the supplies
• shipping costs (in case the items have to be sent via mail)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Explaining how a long distance relationship works to someone else

Today I realized something about my long distance relationship...

there is  no easy nor simple way I can describe it to another person, and make them understand what it's REALLY like to go through it. 
(unless you are living in one/have been in a serious ldr)

These following words are MY OWN, from my own experiences in my long distance relationship with my fiancé Jordan who lives in Florida, USA and I myself lives in Västerbotten, Sweden.

In the end of this post, I will add some articles if you yourself are currently in a long distance relationship (LDR) or have plans on entering one.
These articles may help you also to understand more about the deal of two people living at two separate places - but stay romantically committed. 


You may wonder why I have written a headline about "physical pain" - how can it be painful? You may ask.
Well, if you're in a living, breathing and fully COMMITTED relationship with someone who lives long distance, at times when you miss them too much you can feel:

* Depression
* Heart ache/Chest pain
* Troubles breathing
* Sadness
* Stomach ache
* Nausea
* Head ache (can also be caused by jaws clenching too hard and you don't even realize it)
* Heartburn
* Anxiety

* Stress
* Frustration
* Anger


Now this one may not include everyone, but I noticed after a while that it's slightly more expensive to be in a long distance relationship than to be single or in a "normal" relationship with someone who lives closer to you, maybe even down the block.

Phone bill will be higher
Due to texting, using 3/4 G and long distance/abroad calls.

First you purchase the actual gift and maybe even a card. After that's done you have to get a box of a decent size, wrapping paper/tejp, write the receiver's address, mail it to them.
It's now 2x or even 3x more expensive than it was in the start...

That's because wrapping it up and shipping it costs A LOT too. The mailing office wants a fee each and every time you decide to ship something abroad to your beloved.
So each birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.. means that it's gonna be a little bit harder to pay our personal bills in case you do decide to ship something via mail.

If you and your sweetheart decides to meet up - there's another thing that might poke a hole through that wallet of yours: travel and travel costs!

Me and my fiancé already have 6 hours of time difference in general.
Now, when you're traveling it's gonna take up to about 24 hours before you get to one and another.

But wait - there's more. You and your significant other also have to consider this going back and forth to each other:
*Suitcase/Carry on - it costs a couple dollars if you want a steady and reliable suitcase for your stuff. 

* Pack 50 % of your bag - because you will definitely go home with souvenirs and new clothes from shopping. And your suitcase can not weigh more than top 23 kg (50,71 lb), if it does the airport staff will make you charge extra for a too heavy suitcase. Worst case scenario you'll end up sitting at the airport trying to decide what to throw away and what to save. 

* Tickets - first time me and my fiancée met up August/September 2013, I ended up paying tickets + canceling fee = around $1,344 USD .
Now the second time we met when he visited me in Sweden his ticket were about $1,269 USD.

But we got the for REAL cheap, and usually they are way more pricey depending on when you do travel abroad. 

* Taking time off work - it has to be planned and scheduled if you're working. Because you don't want to get in trouble at work for taking time off to go see your loved one. And even if so, you're still gonna end up losing money for the time you're not working. 

"The Holy Time"

I bet you have no idea what I actually am about to talk about, do you. And no it's not ALL about intimacy!

When me and Jordan get to that part of the day, when both are up and about awake and all - it's time to hit the phones/tablets/computers, meaning calling or texting.
Up until someone gets too busy and has to go. A good friend of mine who also used to be in a long distance relationship but with 7 hours apart from his girlfriend, referred it to as "the holy time".

And I agree with him to 150 % if not even more - when I am talking to my fiancé I do NOT wanna be disturbed by any reason. It is MY time with him and maybe it's even been days since we've seen or heard each other for different of reasons.

* power could be out
* no signal

* both are too busy
* work's hectic
* etc...

This term I also wanna add to whenever we are blessed with time to:
* being intimate - and this confuses many of my friends who never could imagine themselves in a ldr. How can you be intimate with someone thousands of miles away? Masturbation?
That is something you and your partner have to come up and deal A WHOLE LOT about. It's very personal and different from each and every relationship to what that means. 

* saying hello/goodbye at the airport - whatever you do, do not and I repeat do NOT interrupt the holy airport time together. It is never appreciated at any time. 

Some articles about long distance relationships:

* How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work:

9 (Exclusive) Benefits of Being in a Long Distance Relationship

* Long distance relationship according to Wikipedia

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Swap #4 - Annika Garratt

My art-swap to Artist Annika Garratt in England :)
Down below is a video she made unwrapping my swap, looks so great in her home xx

Annika's swap to me. A lovely postcard!

Monday, June 2, 2014

My birthday!!

While still in a lot of pain - I thank all of you who made my 22nd birthday a special memory ♡

Now after a long day, I'm preparing the last for my very first exhibition held tomorrow!!
I still have to do these following things before it starts:

● Finish my cherry blossom painting on box canvas.
● Finish my cupcake drawing.
● Print out a price list, an information list & info to the exhibition contest.
● Pick out all my drawings/paintings that's coming with me.
● Sit down and RELAX from the surgery!!

Have a great continuing Monday xx

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