Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Chalkmobile - the coolest ad EVER!

Guys, this is just AMAZING!
A while back I hired the most coolest advertising company I've ever seen in my entire life - The Chalkmobile

The Chalkmobile is a car (it's really a black van) designed to act like a chalkboard, and you can draw with ordinary street chalks on it.
They drove around in Los Angeles, USA while having my name on their car :D

I am extremely happy with their services, and they totally understood my idea for the ad. They actually did more than what I had expected, so I was happily surprised when they messaged me with this photo of my ad in the streets of L.A.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tic Tac France, Italy and USA

So I posted last night about my tutorial to use empty Tic Tac-containers as bobby pin cases - to the teams in France, Italy and USA.
This is the response I woke up to this morning! ♥

Click here if you wanna see the full tutorial: Bobby pin-cases

(click the images below to see the full image)

Tic Tac France

Tic Tac Italy

Tic Tac USA

(This is NOT a sponsored post!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DIY - Bobby pin Cases

Homemade bobby pin-cases
(using TicTac-bottles)

How often have you not been annoyed by the fact you can't seem to find your bobby pins? No matter how long you look, or where - they simply seem to vanish into thin air!

A while back I saw this tutorial online, and just had to share it with you all ☺


  • Empty TicTac containers
  • Bobby pins
  • Glue (strong glue or hot glue also works)
  • Nailpolish remover
  • Cotton


  1. Remove the labels from the TicTac-containers.
  2. Poor some nailpolish remover onto a piece of cotton and remove the leftover glue from the labels.
  3. Once you're done, wash them off with some water and let them dry.
  4. Now when they're dry - you can start off with removing the lids off the containers. Add some glue to the sides and put it back on.

(This will prevent the lids to "fly away" when you try opening them whenever you need to use them later)


      5. If you feel like it - you can glue some decorations to your bobby pin-cases. To get that "kawaiiness" going!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Library exhibition and American customers

Hey guys,

here are some updates about what's been happening this past week:

I got a message from a customer in Pennsylvania, USA saying they recently got their 3 prints purchased from my stock in the mail. And they can't wait to hand them up on their wall in their house ☺
- They said they are trying to find perfect fitting frames for all 3 prints and will send me a photo of them all once they're up on the wall(s).

The other day I called my local library and asked to display my artworks there. They said they had 2 exhibitions planned this spring already, but it's possible that I can display my works this summer or fall!! *fangirl scream*
- All they want is for me to swing by them and show them my works, to see if it's "worth" displaying basically hahaha.

I am still working on my new DIY-video. It's taking a long time to edit and shorten down, and I still have yet to record my voice to mix into my video! Oh my...

I have also made a new banner for my Facebook-page. You can click here and check it out if you still haven't --> www.facebook.com/InaaArt

At last but not least, some photos from my adventures this crazy week. Enjoy!

My new Facebook-banner
I ordered a new phone-case from Vistaprint with my art on it!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Karen's Rose - before and after picture

Look at this guys 
I found a before picture of my work "Karen's Rose", one of my pieces I am most proud of. It took me around 2 ½ days to complete. 

Me and my fiancé's friend Karen lost her life last spring of 2013 in a tragic car accident. Just about 2 weeks after she announced being pregnant. This April of 2014 would've been her wedding, which me and my fiancé was invited to in Florida, USA.

R.I.P. Karen M. C.
Always loved and always missed 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday sale - plenty of piano's!

Yesterday I was contacted by a lady in Vännäsby, Sweden who wished to purchase 2 prints of mine of my Limited Edition prints of the piano I've drawn.
I told her "of course ma'am" ☺

So early this morning she messaged me asking if I could bring all three of my prints for her to take a closer look at, so I did as she asked me to. I dropped by her house and she was so eager on them all - so she bought all three of them!
That made me very happy ♥

I still have plenty more prints in stock if anyone else is interested in purchasing ☺

Sunday, April 6, 2014

An artist's diva strop - video

I think we all have experienced in our career as artists where we just have a bad day and give up at some point.
Don't give up - take a break and come back and give it another go!

Engagement rings - Drawing vs. Photo reference

This drawing (and the photo) are the engagement rings me and my fiancé are wearing. 
It was the very first personal drawing I made, and it was a surprise for him as well 

We got engaged back in 28/march/2013. But officially we got the rings and he properly proposed to me when I was visiting him in August/September 2013 in Fort Myers, Florida.
He went down on one knee and all 

I am so incredibly proud of this drawing, not only because of the drawing itself. But of the meaning behind it. It reminds me every time I look at it how much I love him, and all those times he proposed and I said "no", but he still kept asking me. I think I must've turned the poor guy down at least 5-6 times before I said "yes" - bless his heart xx

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Instagram thief!!

I have just noticed that someone has stolen a piece of artwork of mine on Instagram! 
I am so hurt and upset right now it's not even funny 

The person didn't just repost this image of mine, they didn't tag me or gave me any recognition whatsoever. All I saw was my username in a tiny corner... That was it.

If you all wanna share my stuff - go ahead, but please tag me or give me some form of recognition. I've slaved my ass off for most of my stuff I've done and it hurts me bad when I saw this tonight 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ask the artist - video!

New week, new video and new artswap!

Hey guys!

Hope all of you have had a great day and a wonderful start of the new week ♥
I thought I would just show you some photos of the previous weekend and the new week so far:

Making a new video - "Ask the artist" :)
Goofing around on the bus home from work last Monday :3
Snailmail !

Our family dog had a minor procedure done at the vet's.

Me and my fiancé's sketch of our matching tattoo we got.

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