Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Order from PA, United States

Yesterday I got a order from a fellow artist-friend from Facebook - she wanted to order some prints of mine.
So last night I spent time wrapping them up neatly and safe for the trip all the way from Sweden to Pennsylvania in the United States :)
And this afternoon I made a quick stop at my local mailing office and shipped it off.

It's my first order to America, so I am very excited to see when they arrive to my customer!
Can't wait for her to show me when she's had time to put them up at place in her home ♥

Other orders I've had have been from:
Sweden - Umeå, Vännäs, Ånäset
England - Crawley

Monday, February 17, 2014

Another happy customer :)

A happy customer in south of Sweden just sent me this picture of The Old Piano-print she bought a while back.
She says she's happy looking at it at home and gotten great feedback from her family and friends 

Do you also wish to purchase an item of mine?
Simply message me or email to: inaaart@live.com

(The payments method I currently have in use is PayPal - except for customers in Sweden where Swedbank works fine.
All customers pays price + shipping.)

Underrated things

Things I've thought about today that are so underrated:
*Coin purses
*Actual pyjamas (not just underwear, tshirts and sweatpants etc...)
*Fuzzy slippers
*Relaxing naps

To be continued...

Friday, February 14, 2014

DIY-turorial - Deck Of Cards With Love

Here are a great tip how to make a special handmade gift to your partner - allowing you to use an ordinary deck of cards 
It can be a present or a Valentine's Day-gift 

Things you will need:
• Silk ribbon
• A lighter
• A scissor
• Deck of cards
• A hole puncher
• White stickers or ordinary paper
(if you go with the paper you'll also need some glue)

1. Punch holes in each longer side of the 52 cards.
It will later on be a lot more easier to push the silk ribbon through the equal and even holes.

2. Start writing everything you love about your significant other on the white paper bits or stickers.
I myself used an ordinary ink ballpoint pen and wrote lovely things about my fiance on white stickers, which I later applied to the backside of the deck of cards.

3. When you're done - cut a longer piece of silk ribbon and tie it so the two ends meet at the front of the cards. (You don't want the "ugly" side showing in the back!)
Now when you have tied a knot, you may also add something to cover it up. I used a handmade pink silk bow, which I glued to the knot itself.

(Don't forget to burn the edged of the silk ribbon so they don't rip. Burning the edges so it melts a bit will make the ribbon intact enough to not get damaged. You can do this procedure before or after it's tied to the cards, but be careful!"

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Swap #2 & #3 - Louise Scott & Jen Smith

These swaps are from:

Crawley, England:
Louise Scott - from Loui's Art Room

California, USA:
Jen Smith - from Spooky Pookie


(these swaps are not sponsored, each artist sent the parcels with their own money)

New BIG commission

Just printed out the quote that's gonna go for the new commission I'll be working on. And got two very sharp scalpels. 

The painting is for my brother's best friend who's dedicating a big canvas painting (90*90 cm) to his mom who died a few years back when they still were kids.
He's been like a little brother for me since he was a kid in kindergarten, and soon both my brother and he'll be 18 years old. Where do time flies?!

It's an honor to be making this to him and his family. And I'm gonna try my very best to fill all my love into it 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Two new art-swaps arrived...

Two new swaps just came with the mail.
Looks like another "unboxing video" is coming this week

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dishonesty and disrespect!

Something that really pisses me off ( excuse my language ) is when you get a customer deciding a place and time for a sale, you stand there waiting for about 30 minutes and they never show up.

This is the 4th time it's happened to me. And I am getting pretty sick and tired of this lack of respect and dishonesty! 

If you are in a hurry or can't make it - at least let me know you wish to postpone the meet up.

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