Saturday, October 26, 2013

Shampoo bottle-fail

After trying twice to make it work, I finally give up and surrender to trying.
My shampoo bottles won this time haha :)

- the plastic was too hard to cut and I was afraid I'd hurt myself trying to use my swiss army-knife.
But I might try it again some other time in the future :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

"Beagle puppy" original pastel drawing

So I finally got it done, I finished a soft pastel-drawing of a gorgeous little Beagle puppy! :)

"Beagle puppy"

Materials - soft pastels
Size - A5 (14,8cm x 21cm)

Available for sale at
Link to shop -->

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY - Tea Jar

Here's some tips and ideas on how you can make your very own tiny tea-jar :)

You can have it for yourself - to store your tea in or as decorations in your house.
Also it's a perfect gift - for someone's birthday or just a random sweet gift ♥

You need:
*a glass jar with a lid
*some tea
*ribbon or something anything else you want to decorate with

I bought the glass jar at the local Second Hand-store for about 10 kronor, that's about $1,57 (us dollar).
I also washed the jar and lid thoroughly, before I used it.

Grabbed all accessories I wanted - in this case a bedazzled key.
And I got some silk ribbon to tie the bow around the neck of the jar.

I then poured some tea into the jar. There can be any kind you want really :)
(tea-leftovers that you mix together and have as decoration, or you can put your friends favorite tea and give it to them as a present!)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Medborgarhuset (Medis) in Vännäs

Today me and my small art-gallery attended the local flea market here in Vännäs, Sweden.

It was my first exhibition/real sale, and I had tons of fun!
I did manage to sell some of my art to people passing by. And I also had some music playing for my costumers from my computer that I brought with me for funsies :)

Some of my friends and family also stopped by to show support, and that made me real warm and bubbly. So thanks all you guys for stopping by and cheering on me ♥
Really can not wait until next time and I hope more people will join the Inaa Art-army ;)

I am already thinking about attending the next flea market, or if I should wait until the fair markets/farmers markets upcoming Summer of 2014.
What also would be a load of fun that I saw in the local news paper the other day was art-courses for people to join, with tutors and lecturing teachers. That'd be very giving in the long run, so I might already give them a call tomorrow whenever I wake up.

Lots of Love ♥

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Today I took some photos of my new items that are stored in my Etsy-shop right now.
Prices vary between $5,00 (US dollars) up to $16,00 (US dollars).

Link to shop ->

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