Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2013-07-30 **Important Art Message**


I have, after a lot of thinking, decided I will not be starting up my own company - at the moment. 

However, I will instead speed up the process a little and take commissions and requests of my artistic skills. Starting on August 1st 2013. 
I will set up a proper Pay Pal-account for easy money transfer for international payments, real soon infact. 

Other important information:
  1. I will NOT sell artwork to minors. Only 18+ of age are accepted. 
  2. I will ONLY send the artwork to you when payments first are taken care of. No money, no art. 
  3. If you'd be unhappy with your piece - you may let me know first, send the art back and I will transfer ALL money back to the same account it came from. 

Lots of Love 
//Inaa Häggström

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