Saturday, June 22, 2013

2013-06-22 New co-administrator on Facebook

So guys, as most of you have seen already - my fiance Jordan has taken over some when I am unable to on my Facebook-page ( Inaa Häggström Art ) ☺

Jordan's responsibilities will be: 

  1. Admin/manage my Facebook page.
  2. Share/Comment/Like posts and or other pages.
  3. Update the news feed if necessary when I tell him to. 

But don't worry I'm gonna keep a close eye on things, from a distance :)
He's very kind and I am grateful he offered me to help me out now that I'm gonna be a lot busier with:
  • Starting up the art-company/business
  • Admin and manage my Facebook page, Instagram account and my YouTube page
  • Draw art commissions and other art-related requests
  • Working everyday on my summer job between 24th of June until 14th of August
  • Help out at home as much as possible

Have a great day, and be sure to be nice to my new Facebook-assistant! :)
Lots of Love ♥ ♥

//Inaa Häggström

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