Saturday, June 1, 2013

2013-06-01 Busy summer

So now we've come to a new month and I know I've got A LOT of things happening this month. 
Not only will I be starting my summer job, but a whole bunch of stuff is happening...
So this summer will be a little hectic doing all of the things that needs done/fixed and also keeping track of my work-hours for whenever I do start working in the grocery store. I'm a little worried on how my art will turn out. So hopefully I will find some time for it :(
Since I will be working from about June 24th to August 14th.

2nd - My 21st birthday.
4th - Test working at my job.
5th - Dinner with the office at my latest job.
6th - The Swedish national day.
7th - My father's birthday.
14th - Business meeting.
24th - My summer job starts.

1st - My mother-in-law's birthday.
4th - American 4th of July (national day).
12th-14th - Farmer's Market where I live. 
14th - My 1 year anniversary with my fiancé. 

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