Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2013-05-09 Silhouette Contestants

Here's the list of contestants for the "Silhouette Competition" that ends Monday 13th of May 2013.
Contact me if there's any type of misunderstandings etc...
And good luck! ♥
Astrid Hilmarsson
Allison Forrest
Di Stobaeus
Robin Misfit Canterbury
Majleci Mohammad Sadegh
Landscape Fine Art by Rose and Joe Hush
Kevin King
Paddi Broad
Sarah Archibald
Megan Brenes Guallar
Scott Smale
Bill Draganowski
Leslie Bennett
Fred Larucci
Reuven L. Grehan
Wendell J Smith
Kelly Todd
Robin Tejpal
Jen Holmes
Nej Samia
Tatty Patton

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