Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013-02-27 Gift/present idea #1

Here's a really good homemade gift idea - to give to a friend on their birthday, Christmas gift or just to make and keep to yourself!
You need:
* A glass jar
* Yarn
* Strong glue
* Decorations (buttons, pearls, silk strings, etc...)

Glue the yarn around the glass jar. PLEASE, be careful while applying the glue to the jar. A tip is to use something protective underneath - to protect your furniture and clothes. 

Either glue or sow the decorations on the half-finished jar. Add or remove decorations as you wish. 
Remember: it's your gift/present and make on that's personal and unique!

STEP 3. 
After the glue has dried up real good, and all the decorations are at its place - you're basically finished! :)
Your personal jar is now ready for its use --> whether it's a gift to someone, or something to add to your home. 
Tips of usage:
* Pencil holder
* Button/pearl jar
* Decoration in your house (living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc...)
* .....

Lots of Love <3

//Inaa H.

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