Saturday, December 15, 2012


Oh my gosh! Best concert ever :D

Me and my friends went to Vännäs' (north of Sweden) old high school to watch Dead By April play. And it was truly amazingly fun :)
Even got to meet and talk a little with the band after, who also wrote a little message to my brother who couldn't make it tonight sadly. So I hope it'll compensate some.

At the show I got somewhat influenced by the rock/metal theme... And I feel slightly creative even though I'm extremely tired *yawns*
So we'll see if it's still stuck with me in the morning :)

Lots of Love

//Inaa H.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

My first Blogger

Yay! So, this is my first post in 
Feels exciting and new to me to be blogging, but it should go well I think. I will be updating the blog when anything new art of mine has been made or to talk about anything with/about art in general :)
Feel free to ask questions about me or whatever, and I'll try to respond. 

For the moment I am currently making my first drawing/sketch by request, and that excites me a lot! And old schoolmate of mine saw a similar sketch I'd made the other day and wanted a similar one, so I told him if I have all the right things I can get started right away, and I'm going to let him know when I am done *thumbs up*

Lots of Love

//Inaa H.

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